…”and in the valley, you will find yourself.”
– old kung-fu master

Green pastures and jagged hilltops

Drive Valley consists of two independent circuits, placed together in one eclosure. To the left, you have the “silicon overdrive” section – which is a not-so-mellow overdrive, with the venerable 4558 chip beating as its heart.
To the right, you’ll find the “germanium fuzz” section, with two NOS Soviet germanium transistors boosting your signal. You’ll find the actual fuzz tones towards the end of “gain” control. Going from left to right, it will take you from a hairy boost, through overdrive, distortion, intro fuzz territory at the end of its travel.

Both circuits are connected in parallel. You can freely mix the amount of one over the other with their respective volume controls. Each circuit also has its indepentend gain and tone controls.

The enclosure which houses your pedal is a quite unique piece, too. Some time ago, I’ve decided to only use recycled, upcycled, scavenged or repurposed wood. It may not be the squarest one, it may have dings and pieces missing – but hey, if not here, it would end up in a dump site. Or burned away for heat, energy or recreation. I say it’s better if it serves recreation purposes as a housing of a dirt pedal for your guitar!

Here’s what it does: