“No, no, let me drive.”
– the guy from the next band


The Driver is a low-to-moderate gain circiut – for your mellow fuzz needs, placed somewhere in between a fuzz and an overdrive, sound-wise.

In a nutshell:

– Hand made, top to bottom.

– NOS germanium transistors.

– Quality hardware.

– True bypass.

– Ranges from clean boost to a well defined overdrive / mellow fuzz.

– Standard 9V power adapter.

Need more detail? Here you go. The Driver employs two boost stages, made with authentic, NOS germanium transistors. I myself tore the seal off the cardboard box they came in, hand-dated to early 1980’s. The first stage sports a bias control – it’s the “boost” knob. Turn it all the way left, pump up the gain, boost the low end (tone knob to the left), select your bridge pickup, and get ready for that tin-horn-through-megaphone tone. Turn the boost knob clockwise, and get this baby going. Low gain, high boost, mid volume, put it in front of a cranked tube amp, and let the smile never wash off your face. The Driver will give you the most organic tone you’ve ever heard.

It goes from a warm (or cold) clean boost to a well defined overdrive / mellow fuzz.

See for yourself: