“You want your fuzz packed to go?”

– fuzz kitchen chef

PreampliFUZZER in pedal form!

“Freerange” is a handmade germanium preamplifier. Pushed hard enough, it crosses the line between a preamp and an overdrive, and can even enter fuzz territory. Hence the “germanium preampliFUZZer” sub-name you can see on its front panel. This listing is for the regular pedal form-factor Freerange. Same guts, same sound, pedalboard friendly design.

Under the hood, it sports two amplifying stages, built around vintage, New Old Stock germanium transistors. Each stage can be independently set to to work as a treble booster, a full range booster or a clean(insh) amplifier. The two stages are connected in series – what leaves the first one is further amplified by the second one.
The central knob controls a 6-position rotary selector switch that allows you to choose between different capacitor configurations. The switch affects the input capacitor and the one between the two germanium stages. Changing those capacitors allows different frequency ranges to enter and leave the first amplifying stage. Turning it to the left will result in more treble and less low end being fed into the inputs of the two stages. Going to the right will result in more and more bass frequencies flowing through the circuit.

The two boost mode controls and the central range selector switch offer you a very wide tonal palette. You can make your tone warmer or clarify it with some high-end sparkle if it’s too muddy. Or you can do both, setting the rotary switch to the right and flipping one of the boost controls to “treble” position. You can make your single coil guitar sound beefier, or give your humbuckers a bit of that tele twang. Give your speakers a bit of extra low end oomph if they’re too bright, or clear them up if they’re too muddy. On top of it all, you can always crank that gain knob and enjoy some extra overdrive on top of your signal, or straight up fuzz it out. And let me tell you – those germanium transistors produce some of the best overdrvie / fuzz sounds you’ll ever hear.

The enclosure is made oud of solid wood – and not just some generic, store-bought planks, but previously used and discarded boards. Meaning – dumpster rescuees I decided to give a second life to. My five cents in the “saving the planet” dicussion.

“Freerange” can be powered with a regular guitar pedal power supply. It needs 9V, fed through a standard, centre-negative, 2.1 / 5.5mm jack. You can use up to 15 Volts to power it up. The more voltage you use, the more volume and headroom you’ll have at your disposal – at the price of a little more noise.

Here’s what it does:

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