Fury Gagarin

“That was filthy
Do it again!”

– the guy in the first row

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Fury, oh fury…

Meet Fury Gagarin – my take at classic fuzz design, found in a number of circuits inside legendary 60’s and 70’s fuzz pedals. Like its predecessors, it only has two knobs and a footswitch. Like its predecessors, it likes to be the first pedal in your chain. Unlike most of them, it provies true-bypass operation.

It’s only got two knobs, which makes it very similar to DROP/DED. I consider them siblings. Hence the same price. That one sported a hybrid design, with one modern, high-gain transistor pushing a NOS germanium one into saturation. This one has two NOS silicon transistors under the hood. They provide more structure to the fuzz, but a little less volume. a fair tradeoff if you ask me.


I have described tone as “tangible” before. This one makes it abrasive. It won’t melt your face off, it will scrape it off with coarse sandpaper. It’s got all the buzzy, mis-biased, gnarly fuzz structure you can dream of. Till 12 o’clock on the gain knob it’s just fuzzy. Past noon, it gets gnarly. Dime it, and it will yell at you, with days worth of sustain. As vor volume – I find myself keeping it past noon most times.

The pedal is hand-made top to bottom. The top plate is made out of carbon steel, turned black by the process called “rust bluing”. A fascinating process in its own right. In short: cowboy era technology! The black layer is quite resilient to scratches, but you can treat it with a wipe of a slightly oliy rag from time to time. This will restore the depth of the black finish. Avoid cleaning it with rough chemicals, acidic cleaners (vinegar is a no-no) or water baths. You know, baths, electric equipment, bad.

The sides are made out of solid wood – and not just any store-bought lumber, but dumpster rescuees. Instead of allowing them to rot in landfill, I cut them in pieces and made pedal enclosures. My two cents in the “saving the planet” dispute. That means there might be some dings or even holes in your pedal! That doesn’t mean you received a beat-up unit somebody else had abandoned. That’s not a bug, that’s a feature! The sides will quite enjoy some oil or wax on them from time to time, too! Will restore that slight shimmer.

Demo video:

I’m away till May 29th!

Feel free to place orders, but shipping will be delayed a little.

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